The Good Buddy List

Manufacturers and retailers become Good Buddies

During the project we gave companies the oppportunity to become a 'Good Buddy', allowing them to publicly show their committment on switching from plastic to paper. We encouraged those already producing or selling cotton bud sticks with biodegradable stems to sign up too. Once a company had committed to make the switch they were added to our 'Buddy' list - once the switch had been made and paper cotton buds were in store, they were moved to our Good Buddy list.

The first on our list were cotton bud brand leader Johnson & Johnson and UK retailer Waitrose.

Good Buddy

The Cotton Bud Project 'Good Buddies' are cotton buds which do not have plastic stems. They are biodegradable, preferably paper and preferably FSC.


Join the 'Buddy' list by committing to phasing out plastic stemmed cotton buds

Wannabe Buddy

Unhappy about being part of the problem? Contact us to find out how you can switch to being a Good Buddy.