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Please show your support by taking the pledge to use cotton buds that do not have plastic stems.  

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To find out where to get your Cotton Buds with paper biodegradable stems check out our Good Buddy List of Friendly Cotton Buds below.

The Good Buddy List

The Good Buddy List shows Friendly Cotton Buds with fully biodegradable, usually paper stems. Only our Best Buddies make it onto the Good Buddy List! The following brands have paper stems (old school and progressive at the same time!):

  • The Co-operative Fairtrade Cotton Buds
  • The Body Shop own brand Cotton Buds
  • M&S Collection Fairtrade Cotton Buds
  • Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Buds
  • Muji Cotton Buds
  • Muji Thin Cotton Buds
  • Sainsbury's Paper Stemmed Cotton Buds
  • Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Tipped Cotton Buds
  • Essential Waitrose Cotton Buds
  • Johnson's Cotton Buds
  • Boot's Cotton Buds